Time to sell a bike

Last year I managed to buy what has been one of my dream bike frames - a Principia. These frames were handmade in Denmark until 2004, when the factory closed. Since then, Principia bikes have been manufactured in the far east, like so many others. Fortunately when the factory closed there was still a lot of stock left, and various distributors bought it up. The frames had a reputation for good build quality and ride quality. They are ranked with the likes of Cannondale for aluminium frames, which is high praise. So when I managed to find one that I could afford, unused, from the last batch of stock, I jumped on it.

Unfortunately I already had a road bike, and don’t really need two. So now the time has come to sell off my old one, the trusty Airborne Blackbird. I’m trying to work out how to best sell it in this age of social media. I’m starting out with a Gumtree ad, then I will try other methods. I’m not too keen on eBay as people have to commit to buying a bike they haven’t had the chance to see in person; also the people using it tend to look for better known brands and therefore the final price may not be that good for a bike which is rarer, like mine.

Watch this space - I may put an ad on this site and link to it from elsewhere.