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Summer Holiday

It’s approaching the time of year when I take an internet holiday. I find that it really helps to get away from the constant distractions and endless flow of communications. It’s also convenient to not have to pay the internet roaming bill when you are abroad.

This also means that my ever growing selection of blog post drafts will either be posted shortly before I head away, or a little while after I have come back. I have a lot of hours to fill on trains the next few weeks so I hope to at least post a few things before I get away from the internet.

A lot of people I know find it hard to get away from the internet. I’m not sure if it’s an addiction, or if it’s just a matter of avoiding boredom. This post by Scott Adams explains part of the reason I enjoy getting away from it all: What would happen if the world stopped being bored? It’s a similar reason to why I enjoy cycling so much. When you have something gnawing on your mind, you can get away from it all and think in relative peace before you come back to the computer. The endorphins are good too.