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One year on

Here I am, a little over one year since I started writing journal posts every two weeks (or so). Recently my tempo has dwindled thanks to working full-time. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop, just that with only so many hours available each day I can’t always do everything.

At the moment I am living in Cambridge for 5 nights a week. I commute by bike, which takes about an hour each way including a shower and getting changed at the work end. When I get back after working I brew a mug of tea and spend a bit of time cooking and washing up. Once or twice a week my evening commute is diverted via a shop to stock up. By the time I sit down at the computer (my old laptop - not a fun machine to work on) it’s often 20.30 and I spend the a while surfing the web. Afterwards I am pretty much exhausted for the day and all I want to do is watch a TV episode or go to bed with a book. And so the cycle goes on…

It’s nice to be working again, but I forgot how much your free time becomes valuable. The weekends, previously a time to continue with all my hobbies and interests, have become a time to recover and basically avoid sitting behind a computer. My wrists and eyes are not fond of being parked at a desk for so many hours of the day, yet that is what I subject them to.

Moving forward I hope to catch up with some of my draft posts. I don’t know who reads this (especially when I write too much in one go) but I shall continue and strive to come up with new things to write about and perhaps manage shorter, weekly posts.