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#4 - Mushroom

I really don’t like the piece I uploaded yesterday. At the time I felt like I was unlikely to think of anything more interesting to draw, so I just doodled a bit. One of the reasons for this ‘week of images’ is to force myself to create something every day. It doesn’t have to be something I think of as great, but the more time I put in, the more rewarding it is.

I wanted to draw a “thing” today. I tried to draw my iPod using just 2 colours, but that was a little dull. So I skimmed through the photos on my iPad and was inspired to try a mushroom and continue with Monday’s theme of smallish natural objects. This was a chance to practice using the brushes and smudge tool in my favourite drawing app, Procreate. I don’t feel it’s quite finished, but it might be interesting to come back in the future and improve things.