A selection of photos are available in my online galleries. I will shortly be re-doing this website with a much better portfolio, however there are a few sites with my publicly available photos:

I do photography for fun; it’s a nice way to express myself creatively and get out and about.

I enjoy photographing landscapes; particularly the forests and lakes in Sweden, the moors of Yorkshire, and the Norfolk Broads. I can’t go too long without wanting to escape the city and I’ve been lucky with the places I’ve lived so far. I also enjoy reportage and portraiture, but haven’t got as much experience with those as I would like.

Rail photography

I’ve been taking photos of trains and railways for many years now. I got started because it was something to do when staying in Denmark, and I have a certain fondness for the railways there - it’s a much smaller network than in Britain and there are still plenty of locomotive hauled passenger trains. Back in 2002 there were also plenty of goods trains with diesel haulage, which have been disappearing in favour of lorries ever since.